What The Witcher 2 Means For Censorship

-EDGE- Good Old Games on freedom of speech and allowing its customers to circumvent Australian censors.

When Good Old Games decided to revise its digital distribution service’s region controls earlier this week, it directly challenged censorship in today’s globalised society. By allowing users to choose their own location, GOG made headlines as it was reported that Australian gamers would be able to circumvent their country’s laws and obtain an uncensored version of Namco Bandai’s upcoming The Witcher 2.

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Mikeyy3019d ago

The picture is NSFW...

FamilyGuy3019d ago

Is that pic allowed as a article pic?

Hanuman3019d ago

Related to any other topic I would say it was offensive but in this case in my view it's ok. It would also be kinda ironic if it was cencured.. _O/

awi59513019d ago

Yeah if all internet sites refuse to track its users its game over its the wild west all over again. Good everysite everywhere should do this damn these goverments. Make them track everyone since there so lazy.

jessupj3019d ago

This is what you sh*theads at the Australian gov get. Thanks to GOG if I want the uncensored version of the witcher 2 I can dam well get it and there's nothing you outdated, incompetent fools can do about it - as should be my civil right.

I fart in your general direction!! blarr!!

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