Coregamer: E3 2011: Sony Desires

After bringing you his predictions for Sony at E3 yesterday, today Jon from Coregamer brings you what he wants to see from Sony at E3 this year, no matter how unlikely.

Read on for what Jon desires from Sony this year.

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_DragonSlayer_3019d ago

PS4 announcement not happening IMO. Potential of lost PS3 sales would be huge with people waiting for the PS4...

dangert123019d ago

Cross Game Voice Chat
Syphon Filter Ps3
Ps2 Classics (ps2 games not getting the hd treatment)
The repurchase of Crash Bandicoot
Psp Games now ps3 Compatible If Digital Copy
New Browser
Refuseual to support activision
There Own Version Of metriod but with more gun fights

sinncross3019d ago

this article takes the award for the most unlikely things to happen for Sony's conference.

Shenmue 3? Sony rebuy Crash Bandicoot? Playstation 4? Gran Turismo 6 release date?

Especially the latter; i doubt anyone wants PS4 and GT6 revealed now. PS3 has some great titles to still eb shown off, and PD will most likely be showing off a major update to GT5 with more tracks, cars, slight graphical updates and some more content for SP and MP.

And then of course new games like Adrift, Agent, Syphon Filter 5 and some move titles.

martoine3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

The article does state that these are what I want no matter how unlikely, not what I think will happen. The article also contains a link to actual predictions for the show that are much more likely to occur.