PC Game Capture Software From ROXIO – Is This The Right Choice For You? Read Our Detailed Review

Jorge Murphy the Editor In Chief over at has a review for you. Today Jorge goes over the brand new ROXIO software product for the PC Gamer in all of us. PC Game Capture is a pleasure to use, let's get into the review.

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Pandamobile3633d ago

And it's $13 more expensive than FRAPS. No thanks.

oldschooljunkie3632d ago

Okay....let's get this out of the way. Instead of trolling my posts. Fraps is nothing compared to this program. I've used Fraps for years. The segmented Fraps files are horrible for a 30 minute video I get like 5 or more 3Gb files were as the ROXIO PC game capture cuts that down by half and at the same if not better quality. I hope you watched the video I made running the game at 1280 x 720 max settings all on a weak dualcore processor. Any way you look at it and anyone that has used Fraps knows I'm telling the truth. Not to even mention that you get a full machinema Software editing program with robust features and exporting tools to share with the world. Fraps doesn't give you any of that "EVER".

This is now my 100% replacement of Fraps...!

Pandamobile3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

Okay but I have my own editing software that I like to use, and personally, I like the uncompressed AVIs that FRAPS spits out at me because there's zero compression before I take it into my editing suite.

And the reason why they're split into 3-4 GB chunks is because there's only a 32 bit address available to the AVI format, so it's not really FRAPS' fault.

I wouldn't exactly call my first post "trolling", either.

banjadude3632d ago

I guess, in the end, hardware capture is still the best???

HenryFord3632d ago

Of course it is... software can never mess with the performance of hardware capturing.

For the average user however: FRAPS is more then enough.

chak_3632d ago

I take the screens in steam thank you.

Quality might be lower, but it's free and convenient