Sonic Generations to receive first play at up coming Sega event

Sega have announced that Sonic Generations will be playable for the first time at its up and coming US Sonic Boom event.

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yen8883021d ago

Sweet, hopefully we're find out if all these rumours are true or not and if not then at least find out if its 3D or 2D

TomInc3021d ago

They've already announced that part.. they've confirmed that the game will play in 2D and 3D environments. With Classic Sonic taking up the 2D and Modern Sonic taking up the 3D gameplay!

Here's a video of Greenhill Zone..

Dan_Vivian3021d ago

I can't wait to have a go and see what this game is like. It's the only sonic game i have been excited enough about to want to buy, so i have high hopes from sega on this one.

deno3021d ago

Oh man I can't wait. Love sets much.

SpikeSpiegel3021d ago

This is one game I cant wait to come out!

TheOneWhoKillsYou3021d ago

Holy hell, I hope someone gets footage.

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