New Alien Game. Not a Movie Tie In?

Botchweed: Alien games have been relatively hit and miss over the years. The Alien trilogy title for the PlayStation was one of the consoles finest shooters, however the recent Alien vs Predator outing left a lot to be desired. So the news that Creative Assembly are working on a new Alien title for consoles makes me more than a little apprehensive.

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ZombieAssassin3021d ago

Well where is Aliens Colonial Marines, I've been waiting for that game for years.

IanVanCheese3021d ago

Hallelujah Man, i've been waiting for that game since it was announced, it got pushed back so that mediocre AvP game could come out

Ser3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )


Just make an awesome Aliens game from the perspective of the marines and we'll have a winner. AvP2010 sucked so hard.

ForROME3020d ago

I have been waiting forever for this dam game, best part is on top of this we have the Alien Prequel coming :) im stoked!