Ubisoft Loses $73.8m in FY 3/2011, 29% of Revenue is Dance Games

Gamrfeed: Financial results for Ubisoft have just arrived. The French publisher lost 52 million (52m) Euros or $73.8m in the year to March 2011, on revenues of 1.039b Euros ($1.475b). In the March 2010 year, Ubisoft revenues were 871m Euros ($1.236b) with losses at 43.7m Euros ($62.1m). Ubisoft had forecast revenue of 1.020b Euros ($1.445b) for the fiscal year, so it beat its revenue projection slightly. However, Ubisoft had also projected to break-even on profit / losses basis for the fiscal year at 1.02b Euros, and the company still lost money. During the January to March 2011 quarter, Ubisoft projected revenue of 159m Euros ($225.8m) but actual revenue came to 178m Euros ($252.8m), down 15% from the previous March quarter. During the April to June 2011 quarter, Ubisoft expects revenues to reach 90m Euros ($127.8m) on Michael Jackson for X360 & PS3, Child of Eden for X360, and Might & Magic Clash of Heroes for XBLA & PSN.

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Joni-Ice3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Because no Rainbow 6 or Ghost Recons. Those are the Ubisoft games I care about. When those games release your bank will sky rocket. Only if the games done right ofcourse.

MostJadedGamer3019d ago

NO that has nothing to do with it. Big companies lose money all the time because they are always reinvesting the money they make, and are investing money into R&D, and buyin new studioes, and ect, ect, ect.

CrimsonSaber3019d ago

I hear ya bro, CLANCY is where the dollars are... ubi you guys pop out one big buster a year. And i think all yall care about are Assassins Creed . Dont get me wrong, i love the saga, however bring me some ghost,rainbow, and a Choas Theory Caliber Splinter Cell and ill pay you like your a french hooker.