Orange you glad?

Edmonton Sun/Canoe reviews The Orange Box:

It doesn't come in a helmet-shaped collector's case suitable for tormenting pets, and there are no pewter figurines, cloth maps or making-of DVDs inside. But The Orange Box could well be this year's -- nay, this decade's -- ultimate compilation of unadulterated gaming goodness.

Bottom Line: This five-in-one Half-Life 2 anthology offers huge bang for your gaming buck, and the inclusion of Team Fortress 2 and the innovative Portal make it a must-own.

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TJ Crucial4019d ago

Totally worth buying, I've already put about 60 hours into it.

Mikey_Gee4019d ago

The Orange Box is "KILLER"

I love HL (original) and could not wait for HL2 for my PC ... played it 3 times. Was going to buy Epi 1 but then heard about it for the 360 a long long time ago so waited.

SO ... now that I have the Orange Box I am LOVEING IT. Played HL2 yet again and now into Epi 1. Portal is also addictive as hell and TF2 is a blast with great artistic backing.

" IF YOU DON'T HAVE IT ................. WHY NOT ?? "

jinn4019d ago

its the most stupidest and randomest thing ever. sucks!!!