‘StarCraft II’ Patch 1.3.3 Details: Small Changes; Big Consequences

Game Rant writes, "Naturally, you can’t please everyone, and as StarCraft II play styles and build orders evolve that perfect balance becomes a moving target – but it is nice to see a developer take the comments and play results as seriously as Blizzard does. Casual StarCrafters tend not to notice or care about these kinds of tweaks, but each one makes a difference in the high-level e-sports play that the original StarCraft pioneered.

The complete list of changes can be found – here. However, we have pulled out the major ones for analysis and discussion below."

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captain-obvious3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

whats the ""Big Consequences"" ?

the only thing that got actually nurfed was the 4 gate
which was OP already

this change was needed long time ago

tdrules3021d ago

They need to decide on zealot build time.
It's changed back and forth EVERY patch :/

Annoyed about 4 gate cos I don't play protoss, but when i do i noob it up.
Spam archons it is then

jakethesnake3021d ago

They actually didn't change it this patch. They changed it on the PTR on the original 1.3.3, but that never went live. This change has no effect on the zealot build time, just the sentry.

Still, some people clearly think it does as the # of times I have been 2 gate zealot rushed is ridiculous, especially since it's a bad all-in strategy to begin with. But I won't complain - easy wins!

nightmarex1213021d ago

It's because during the beta people would do a zealot rush, they would make the gate way near your base and chrono boost the zealots and it was impossible to defend and during the beta it was 5 sec less so when i saw 20 or 15 secs faster zealots i knew their no way they going to keep that change.

krazykombatant3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

ugh.... I've won 100 matches (singles and team) but i'm still sucking with the zerg... I've gotten a bit better but, The custom games keep dragging me away from the ladder.

EDIT: Yes i'm aware 100 matches is extremely nooby in one season... but considering I used to play the original with cheats. I'm trying my best to improve...