PSM3: PS3 Exclusive Reveal is Not What People are expecting

PSM3 has seen the PS3 exclusive which is due to be revealed today at GTTV and they claim that it isn’t what people are expecting it to be.

"Looking at screens of a new PS3 exclusive game and it’s, er, not what people are expecting. But what we knew was happening."

This means that it might not be Starhawk and something else, although Dylan Jobe’s confirmed that it’s his game that it going to be revealed on the episode.

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Dart893022d ago

Oh god plz tell me you're joking right??Cuz if you're not i'm gonna go jump off a cliff i can't live in a world without Starhawk:D.

Joni-Ice3022d ago

Im going to bookmark this article and watch the GTTV late tonight. If the game is Starhawk, I will be back here with questions like where do you get your info?

moparful993022d ago

"It's not what people are expecting" could easily mean the context of the game... I love how easily people spin this stuff.. I am willing to bet that its starhawk...

Blacktric3022d ago

IGN already confirmed the existence of Starhawk by releasing its first dev diary.

LOGICWINS3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

In the dev diary, theres a part the guy is controlling a female character in red. Thats not something I'd expect in Starhawk.

theunleashed643022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

not to mention they were looking at some concept art for skelton creatures or monsters. also santa monica's studio logo was towards the end after lightbox interactive's logo.

limewax3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

God of Warhawk? Play as Titans, Gods and beasts.....Nope, got to be Starhawk. Besides this comment was taken out of context, the actual comment stated 'it is not what people are expecting, its what we knew was happening'

They just used the bit that would get the hits only in the title

TheHater3022d ago

It is starhawk people. I Talk to Jeff yesterday at the airport and he confirmed it was Starhawk. Don't know where this site get its crap from.

TheHater3022d ago

lol. Love the disagrees. Like you guys was with me or Jeff when I was talking to him.

JohnnyMann4203022d ago

I threw you an agree because you are 100% right. I wonder who the PSM3 fanboys are that give disagrees out like candy.

BTW: now it's CONFIRMED you were right.

xAlmostPro3022d ago

Lightbox will be announcing Starhawk anyway, with or without GTTV :D

They said they would

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leogets3022d ago

lol i wonder what it will be then,hmmmmmm

the_best_player3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

8 days, syphon filter, Getaway

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MikeTyson3022d ago

It's obviously MGS5 people.

gameseveryday3022d ago

dude dude! Please....I am literally begging for this to happen...need snake back!

Big-Boss3022d ago

we need me back not snake. snake can ******* ***** **** off

Der_Kommandant3022d ago

Mr Tyson please don't play with my feelings

MikeTyson3022d ago

Leave my pigeons alone damnit.

shotgun_ps33022d ago

This might explain who on the IGN stock exchange thing, Starhawk still isn't listed instead it's "Lightbox's next unannounced project" then again they could just be baiting the flame of patience.

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The story is too old to be commented.