Buy one Avenger accessory, get one free

N-Control Enterprises just announced a deal where you can get two of the updated Avenger gaming accessories for the price of one.

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gamersheep3026d ago

I'm still not sure if this is cheating or not...probably not.

Joni-Ice3026d ago

I can't figure out what it does. Looks weird.

Mr_cheese3026d ago

i'd says its a form of cheating since the game wasn't made with this in mind and every player doesn't have it as a standard advantage. But. If your good, then your good and you won't need things like this.

AlienFodder3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

If your hands are perfectly capable of handling a regular controller, then in a way it is cheating. But I think this device was created primarily to help people who are affected by some sort of disability with their hands and in that regard, it certainly isn't cheating but instead should be considered as an aid.

Mr_cheese3025d ago

yeah I agree with you there. But if you don't need the aid, its an unfair advantage regardless of everybody being able to buy it.

matt19913025d ago

All it does is let you hit the X, Y, B button without moving your finger off the right stick.

I tried it at Pax East 2011 and it was really good.