Mirror's Edge IRL

Guy recreates Mirror's Edge parkour chase scene with accuracy down to the red paint.

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bluedevil183024d ago

how the fuck did they get a video of me going to work

BiggCMan3023d ago

Hahaha, very funny. Man this video was kick ass. Mirror's Edge is a severely underrated game that barely any people played. I know many people that did play it, loved it, and I really wish they would make another one.

lociefer3023d ago

that was fckin awesome i wish i could do tht :( , oh ye and mirror edge was truly underrated

SweetIvy3023d ago

Loved the game, I hope they'll be making a Mirror's Edge 2!

starchild3023d ago

Totally agree. Mirror's Edge was one of the fresher game experiences I have had this gen.

This video was cool. It shows how well Dice nailed the body movements and viewpoint of a freerunner.

Bellcross3023d ago

Ok... That was f**king EPIC!!

amazing work guys.

UNCyrus3023d ago

Nice I was just talking about this game today.

Raendom3023d ago

This is a great video but it proves just how realisic Dice got their first-person movements in the game.

MidnytRain3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

I was thinking that, too. The way the runner's arms and legs come in and out of the shot and the way the camera sways and angles were very much like ME. Maybe I should get into parkour and freerunning. ;)

CaptainMarvelQ83023d ago

Did you paint the objects red?

shadowgodny3020d ago

filmed at Roosevelt Island, in New York. The obstacles there are actually painted red ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.