PlayStation Network Outage Is Affecting Ubisoft, But Impact 'Minimal'

PlayStation Network still has no exact date for coming back online, and the outage is clearly hurting the revenues of some publishers and developers. Ubisoft is the latest publisher to comment on the PSN downtime, and the company's CEO Yves Guillemot acknowledged that it is affecting them - albeit just a little.

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BakedGoods3023d ago

So, Ubisoft stuff sells better on the 360? Interesting.

donniebaseball3023d ago

That would appear to be the case, yes.

Silly gameAr3022d ago

Well, they did pay for Beyond Good and Evil timed exclusivity so I'm sure deals like that put a good chunk of change in any publishers pocket.

Soldierone3022d ago

It's odd they would say that the way he did as Assassins Creed does well on PS3.

However the sales are curved simply because they sell out to MS. So 360 has Splinter Cell (probably the highest selling game they have) and exclusive timed titles elsewhere.

Ubisoft is turning into the shovelware ages of EA so I don't really care. Release a new Rainbow Six already...and if it goes exclusive at all say goodbye to a fan.

Baba19063022d ago

how much longer.... online god please help us!

godslayer4293022d ago

well all the online portions of there games BLOW.. so of course there not feeling any effects cuz they are all single player games

Quagmire3022d ago

I take it you havent played Brotherhood's online component.

Ninver3022d ago

i suggest devs use this downtime to polish their games thoroughly.

Aussiegamer3022d ago

dirty beaver and polish.

Hahahaha I like that.

Made my arvo dude.

Ethereal3022d ago

It would be a good time to run updates and server maintenance on dev servers too.

Mkai283022d ago

Do we not know these things? The media will milk and milk until the cows become dry. Feels somewhat like the Charlie Sheen incident..

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