Analyzing WiiWare: The Ups, Downs, and Future

Where did Nintendo go wrong when trying to push WiiWare as a viable competitor to Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Store? What successes did the online platform have? Most importantly at this point, how can Nintendo learn from WiiWare to more successfully promote “CafeWare” when the upcoming successor hits retailers?

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athmaus3022d ago

Very true, they did have a great product but they jsut stopped supporting it....

Redempteur3022d ago

where did nintendo go wrong ?

the size of teh game , the size of the memory on the wii , the slow service ?

and these are just on the top of my answer list

maniacmayhem3021d ago

I remember a looong time ago in a forum far far away on n4g. The haters yelled doom for Xbox live and praised wiiware as the new spot developers would flock to.

Aaaaw yes the wrong they always tend to be.