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looks good looks very different to the rest

TheXonySbox3019d ago

Done supporting Activison, passing on this one.
Not really impressed; think D2 will still be the king.

ProtossX3019d ago

Activision is not as close to Blizzard as yo may think.

Newtype3019d ago

WTF? Activision doesn't make Blizzard games, they just own part of the company.

Motion3019d ago

Actually, Vivendi owns both Blizzard and Activision.

thrasherv33019d ago

I've been playing D2 recently and I can not understand how this is the loot king. I love the dark theme to the game but as a loot whore it just doesn't keep me interested.

TheXonySbox3019d ago

Motion - "Vivendi owns both Blizzard and Activision."

Amen to that; Same corporation; same bullshit.

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Lirky3019d ago

Too colorful, im sure theres grittier darkened dungeons but too colorful than D2 lod, and itll make it seem more fairytale-fantasy and less evil-fantasy.

Only thing that could be better in d3 will be account system if your account dont get deleted after 60 days of inactivity for your account, and also if your character does not delete auto within 6days having you place your character in a "Park"game room for 2-3hrs so that your character locks-in the blizzard-server-system.

Simco8763019d ago

I have to agree with this. Too colorful and not enough detail. Will def have to see it when it releases, sad too, because D1/D2 were so badass

Roozium3019d ago

D1 and D2 had a waaay different art direction than most games now-a-days. Having the same graphical theme, it would be like Mortal Kombat having the same graphics as M2 and M3 which had real life people looks.

TheXonySbox3019d ago

2D spites can look AMAZING in 1080p; plus modern artwork advances to make it have the realistic look.

The look that made RE remakes on gamecube so amazing is that they revamped all the 2D backdrops; made the console look like it was a 360 ;).

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The story is too old to be commented.