Hitman: Absolution a Movie Tie-In, Disappointment Palpable

"A few days ago, we got out first taste of Square Enix’s new Hitman game, Hitman: Absolution, and my SQUEEEE meter shot through the roof. Agent 47 was making a triumphant return to our gaming rigs, dropping toasters in bathtubs and stuffing corpses in closets, and it was about damn time."- Shanghai Six

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omi25p3022d ago

Sounds like splinter cell conviction all over again...

maxcavsm3022d ago

At least there's no movie tie in for that game. Come on, you don't want to play the Thor movie/game?

bauer0073022d ago

the article is wrong, IO have confirmed this is not a movie tie in, just check their twitter you idiots instead of listening the a journalist that knows nothing!

HBK6193022d ago

It still IS the same developer that gave us all the original Hitman's. They're hardly going to turn into some cheap, useless movie game tie-in developer. COME ON!

I do hope that they maintain the non-linearity of the Hitman series as it's what really gave Hitman it's freshness in a genre that could have been really cliche and stale.

Going to be interesting to see a focus on story this time around. Blood Money sort of did that (and did it relatively well), but it was nothing compared to an Uncharted or Bioshock type of story.