Sony's PR in timeline crunch: E3 a success or damage control

Sony's Public Relations Staff obviously have an immense amount of pressure on them this month. There is a remark of postponement in every update that has been posted thus far.

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MagicGamer3027d ago

None of this can be easy to deal with. Hope they have anxiety meds as a company benefit.

InLaLaLand3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

If Sony's E3 is not successful Cornette face will appear. I'm just joking so don't take any of it offensive.

tweet753027d ago

if the is not back up by E3 it will not be good. Jack Tretton must be really nervous.

BornCursed3027d ago

I have a feeling it will be cut close.

socomnick3027d ago

Jack trentton always looks nervous.

I still remember his first e3 he was a nervous wreck.

He is getting better each year but he still looks all uncomfortable.

Soldierone3027d ago

I said this yesterday as a suggestion that " IF it wasn't up by E3 things will suck" and somehow I angered a bunch of little fanboys...

mygd3027d ago

Their PRs don't ever get back to me, despite having worked with them for years. Not a good year for Sony...

BornCursed3027d ago

they are Public Relations ....They tell you what they nave to in the interest of Sony. Funny how lots of people feel what is posted on their blog is written in blood. I guess they are atleast learning what big business is.

MagicGamer3027d ago

Sony has definitely got staff working around the clock. So for the gamers that don't think they are on it your out of the loop E3 is going to make or possibly really disturb a year that started off promising.

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