European clothing store uses Kinect as “virtual fitting room”

European clothing outlet uses Microsoft Kinect to allow users to try on clothes without actually putting them on.

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TXIDarkAvenger3022d ago

That's awesome! I wonder if anything like this will go here in NA.

Max_Dissatisfaction3022d ago

I gotta tell you, the tech in this thing has so far been wasted on gaming. No doubt about it though, it is impressive.
Speaking of which, didn't the XBOX division post a PROFIT for the last quarter even after spending 500 million on just KINECT marketing? It just dawned on me now that people said they'd never make it back but not only did they break even, they made tons of profit!

Perjoss3022d ago

agreed, i saw this the other day and it really impressed me,

this thing is not just a glorified eyetoy / PSeye at all.

fatalred alarm3022d ago

somehow, i told you so, doesn't really make the picture.

~ will smith, I-Robot


Uncharted3Goty3022d ago

is there nothing kinect cant do