There'll be Another Gears of War 2 30x XP Event If...

Good old Epic Games. If they want to win something, they've got the XP to dangle in front of you like a carrot. And this time, they're offering an entire week's worth of 30x XP on Gears of War 2 if Gears of War 3 wins the 'IGN Most Anticipated Game Award'.

To do this, you need to click on over to IGN's E3 2011 page and tweet your most anticipated game from the ones listed. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and you'll find Gears of War 3 there, happily way out in front with 2,916 votes thus far. It's closest rival? That'll be Battlefield 3 with 1,876 tweets. Skyrim has a paltry 512.

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Troll_Police3019d ago

"they're offering an entire week's worth of 30x XP on Gears of War 2 if Gears of War 3 wins the 'IGN Most Anticipated Game Award'."

Sorry, that award is reserved for Uncharted 3.

Scyrus3019d ago

yep, for me its uncharted 3 and dark souls!

xstation793019d ago

good for you, for millions of other people its gear of war 3

Stewie2k83019d ago

so they can wh*re out on XP :D

Urrakia343019d ago

Good for you, for BILLIONS of other people it's Uncharted 3 lol

BeaArthur3019d ago

You might have the most ironic username I have ever seen.

limewax3019d ago

This is Market manipulation not Advertising :/

BLAKHOODe3019d ago

I've actually enjoyed the Gears 3 beta so much that I might actually participate this time. The only problem is.. Gears 2 isn't Gears 3.

Megaton3019d ago

Reminds me of Turn 10 trying to bribe people with DLC if they voted for Forza over GT in some trivial poll.

Anyway, shameless PR desperation aside, Mass Effect 3 is far and away my most anticipated upcoming game.

Kingdom Come3019d ago

It frustrates me that Epic are making it SO easy for the lower Ranks to recieve Rank 100 now, I reached Rank 100 with the standard amount of XP, I'll be rewarded in the retail of Gears of War 3 with a Medal, knowing that Noobs using the 30 XP will have it makes it feel less an honour...

Anyway, back to the Beta (Which is fantastic for those of whom haven't played it) I'm so glad I got early access, I've loved this past month...

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