Wii to 'Probably Eclipse' PS2; Wii 2 With No Hard Drive Would be a 'Surprise'

It's once again time for "Pachter's Podium," IndustryGamers' monthly Q&A column with Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter. This month IG discussed Nintendo's Wii and plans for a Wii successor, what Microsoft has planned for E3, and THQ's experimental cheaper pricing on triple-A console games.

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donniebaseball3019d ago

I still think Wii could have a hard time passing PS2. People are going to want to upgrade to the new Nintendo system after it's been unveiled at E3. Even with price cuts, Wii is probably going to struggle to beat PS2's record. As for no hard drive in Project Cafe, I actually wouldn't be surprised at all. I disagree with Nintendo, but it wouldn't surprise me.

LiamIRL823019d ago

I think the Wii will pass the 100m mark but it will most definitely not outsell the 150m+ that the ps2 has achieved.

donniebaseball3019d ago

If Nintendo quickly moved it from $149 to $99, it sure would help. But that's not going to happen.

GodHandDee3019d ago

considering the fact that ps2 is still selling relatively well, there is no way in hell that wii will pass ps2 sales WW.