Digital Chumps: Brink Review

Digital Chumps: Brink is a game that provides massive amounts of customization for its gamers, including some unbelievably fun abilities. If you can excuse some of its offline play and lack of NPC A.I., then you’ll find a game that encourages friends to come together online to share a deep and fulfilling team-oriented experience. Brink is a perfect example of how an online experience should feel and play out.

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Elimin83027d ago

WOW! Reviews are all over the place with this one. I mean for the most part they're around the 7-8 mark but damn.....

byeGollum3027d ago

I love when this happens... gamers unable to rely on the sources that decide what game they buy.. what's left to do? Try it out yourself?

Elimin83027d ago

Well not sure why I got the disagree but anyway I pre-odered the game way before any review(s).

byeGollum3027d ago

Well i didn't disagree, someone else did... personally i don't care about the agree/disagree system.

I'm also interested in brink, especially the S.M.A.R.T system. but I just got Crysis2, dont want too many FPSs

Elimin83027d ago

I do understand what you're saying about the reviews though And I too could give a good one about the agree/disagree system....