Can BioWare Go Toe-To-Toe With Blizzard?

Dealspwn: 'Bioware are a highly respected name in the gaming world themselves, and if they can make The Old Republic as good a final product as it promises to be, gamers will pay for the pleasure of diving into the Star Wars universe again in droves. Who knows how much longer Blizzard will sit atop the MMO throne and indeed, who cares? As long as games are being developed with the care and attention to quality consumers demand, there will always be space for a new contender.'

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NYC_Gamer3026d ago

all they have to do is put out a solid game and not worry about trying to beat blizzard

Kalowest3026d ago

"all they have to do is put out a solid game"
Along with it being dumbed down ME2 & DA2.

limewax3026d ago

Agreed, Bioware as a whole seem to be less interested in finding new ways to adapt the RPG genre now and just ditch it in favor of action.

I really hope ME3 says otherwise

captain-obvious3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

no way in hell

BioWare is good but not Blizzard
Blizzard is like always making great top notch games
bioware been failing lately

edit @ below
both mass effect 2 and DA 2 was not how the fans expected
they gave those game more of an action feel and dumped down the RPG element

hudsoniscool3026d ago

mass effect 2 was best game ever created.

captain-obvious3026d ago

give me a break
it was really good but not the "best game ever created."

but if you stick to what you said then im sure you started gaming only this gen or dont play video games much

hudsoniscool3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

it had an amazing universe, good gameplay, great graphics, awsome character, great story. Dont tell me i have to be new to gameing to think its the best game ever. Furthermore bioware is by far the best developer ever. ive never played one of there games i didnt love from mass effect to kotor to BG.

jakethesnake3025d ago

I actually think the original ME might be the best game ever. ME2 was mechanically smoother, but nothing can compare to the story/storytelling of the original.

hudsoniscool3025d ago


i would probably agree with you if the side mission in ME1 were any good. Ive been playing it trying to complete all "assignments" and it kinda sucks. every ship you go on is the same, every underground mine the same, every underground bunker the same, the mako sucks terribly. Just doing the missions is awsome but the assignments are crap.

jakethesnake3025d ago

@hudson. I'll agree with you all those points except the Mako, I kind of loved that thing (to each their own, right?)

The game certainly wasn't perfect, but I think it was the best story telling in a game that I've ever experienced. ME2 did a lot of things better, but the most important thing (to me, at least) - the story - they didn't improve on.

hudsoniscool3025d ago

I used to feel the same about the mako, but in my latest playthrough ive been going every were with it trying not to miss any minerals i changed my mind. Ya the story though is amazing and i love to read the codex the universe is just so amazing.

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Alos883026d ago

I'd say yes,but then Blizzard has been around longer and take a long time to develop their games, ensuring a consistent level of quality.

moaradin3026d ago

One of my friends from the SWTOR beta says this is Bioware's best game by far. Blizzard has been really lacking the past couple years and numbers show it. Over 600k people left WoW, and they just released an expansion.

SWTOR is releasing at the perfect time IMO.

Nac3026d ago

Wait and see I guess. I don't game on PC so unless it comes to consoles(probably not going to) I don't see me getting it. If only it could have been KotOR 3.