Valkyria Chronicles III coming to North America?

Perhaps Valkyria Chronicles 3 isn't going to be Japan exclusive, but it might also be ported to North America as well.

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ksense3017d ago

bring it to the damn ps3!!

forevercloud30003017d ago

well with rumours of Sony making a new HD compilation of God of War games from the PSP its a possibility. Both 2 and 3 combined together on a bluray disc could be interesting. Definite BUY!!

rataranian3017d ago

Sweet. all we have to do is wait for "2010"? =\

GodHandDee3017d ago

Awesome! I was hoping it would come to the NGP at least, hope this is true.

insomnium23017d ago

Just got myself a new PSP 3004. VC is one of the best games the PS3 has, VC2 is one of the best games the PSP has. BRING IT!

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