4 Reasons Why You Should Play Dragon Age 2

If you are still on the fence about playing Dragon Age 2, this is why you should get your head out of your ass and try it for yourself.

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outwar60103026d ago

4 reasons why you shouldnt.

4 smaller world
3 overpriced dlc expect lots of it
2 half a story the rest is dlc to be spread out over years
1remember the crazy amounts of hours you spent over multiple characters with differing choices expecting it to like mass effect transfer over well........... forget it it virtually nothing transfers and if it does its pointless and has zero affect in the da2 game world

lastdual3026d ago

Eh, I can live with most of those.

It's the recycled dungeons and poor enemy AI (wave after wave of the same old cannon fodder grunts) that really kill it for me. I suppose I could play through it again, but it's just more fun replaying Origins.

jakethesnake3025d ago

Origins is pretty amazing. I'll probably play DA2, but I'll wait for the ultimate edition like I did for DA:O. I don't want to feel nickel and dimed.

TBM3026d ago

Im on my 3rd playthrough now as a mage. I love this damn game.

3026d ago
Chewy1023026d ago

I didn't like DA:O.

Games that let you pick and chose every little detail about its story feel "off" to me. It makes the devs look lazy to me.

Sandbox games (Mount and Blade) are perfect for letting you chose a story. But, anything else makes it seem like the devs couldn't give the game its own story either by being lazy or just not able to.

Tony P3026d ago

It's actually A LOT MORE WORK to give the player that kind of freedom than to craft a completely linear scenario. When the game allows you to choose "every little detail" that means the designers have to plan for and include the results of those choices whether you pick them or NOT.

That is not what anyone would call "lazy".

Chewy1023026d ago

You have a point on it being more work for the player to control the story. Im just saying if any game lets the player chose the story then that game has no true story. It's like having a book with a beginning and end, but the middle is blank for you to fill in.

Letting the player control the story belongs in sandbox and nothing else in my opinion. It destroys the flow and pulls you right out every time one of those menus pop up.

Also "lazy" might have not been the right word I was looking for. Not having a true story makes the devs look afraid, or uncertain of their work in my eyes. Outside of sandbox, a player driven story has always killed my experience of that game.

In short, taking the player out of the game to chose the story makes the game less of, well, a game.