Tomb Raider Reboot May Incorporate Experience

A snipped from the Australian PSM reveals the possible incorporation of an experience system, as well as mention of a mobile phone.

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Dan_Vivian3021d ago

This could ruin the game for me..Too far from roots.

soundslike3021d ago

I reaaaaaally hope they don't focus on combat.

I get the feeling that there wont even be puzzles.

TomInc3021d ago

They've been pretty open about the inclusion of puzzles! So I wouldnt worry. Apparently it's going back to the temple exploring roots too.

DavidBaller3021d ago

"Think I'll just twitpic this temple.. "

yen8883021d ago

I think this could be great for the series, rather than just completing levels you could gain other rewards like new abilities or weapons :)