EA bundling American McGee’s Alice with the PC version of Alice: Madness Returns.

Imagine piling your family into the station wagon and taking them to see the magnificent Grand Canyon, only to find that there’s no actual canyon there anymore, just a few rocks and a small kiosk manned by an elderly gentleman reading a paperback book. You ask him where the Grand Canyon is, and he squints at you and replies, “the what?”

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NukaCola3022d ago

Should polish this up and add to PSN/XBLA or on the disc. The new Alice game looks suprisingly outstanding. I think I am going to scoop it up sometime. The environments are some of the most creative I have seen in awhile.

Oh and McGee, Where the hell is your OZ game?

icewater853022d ago

I'm picking this up day 1.

banjadude3022d ago

Oh... both of them are digital format only. No biggie I guess, just thought I'd let others know (in case you are like me, and want physical copies).

DigitalRaptor3022d ago

I thought American McGee said himself that Madness Returns on consoles would include a free copy of Alice.

HebrewHammer3022d ago

I was about to say the exact same thing. I preordered the game under that assumption recently. If I pick it up for PS3 and the first Alice isn't included, I'll be quite pissed.

topgun333022d ago

That is what was he said in an interview. Those that pick up the xbx360 or ps3 versions would get a digital code for the first game