Brink Review ( "Before you do anything else in Brink, scroll down the main menu and select the ‘Challenges’ option, and then complete them. There are three triple-tiered levels to work through, and doing so will take less than an hour – and significantly less if..."

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Elimin83021d ago

Good read! Makes me glad I still got it.. Hope to make the best of it..

dead_eye3021d ago

I'll tell you one thing from my 10 mins of play. Only just got it tonight. The AI is terrible. I'm on PS3 so no online for me yet. The pop in is really bad to. But I think once I get to play it online with a good team it will be awesome.

Elimin83021d ago

Kool. Like your feedback cause lately the reviews have been doing it in.. I too am on PS3 but haven't received the game yet. Got it from Walmart for $47. I do wish however I got it in stores. Pre-orders from Walmart are the worst..

dead_eye3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

Reviews are crap now. They seem to give some games a free pass.

This is an ONLINE TEAM GAME. So until psn is back up you might not think it's that great. If I was playing with the enemy teams AI I'd be kicking arse. The problem is your team AI don't really want to support you that much. I'm planting a bomb and my team seems to think it's a good idea to hang round the base lol

If you do like it pm me your uername and I'll add you as a friend once psn is up.

Oh and all my comments about the game come from trying to play the challenges.

Elimin83020d ago

I Rarely base my purchase on reviews! I look them up sometimes IF and only IF I'm bored and want something to kill asap until the next best thing comes along.... To see IF it is worth the price. But like I said, I got it for $47 so no complains..

TukkerIntensity3020d ago

The AI scales as you level up.

Elimin83020d ago

Kool to know.. Hate sloppy or slow AI!