Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Will Rival the Shooter Heavyweights, but is Getting Far Out of the Way

Who wants a Modern Warfare killer? Ubisoft does. (And so do most other publishers aside from Atlus, but that's not the point.)

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rabidpancakeburglar3026d ago

I remember seeing gameplay for this and thinking that it looked amazing. I wanted it to release late last year or at the latest spring this year. The delays are a killer though, a game shouldn't be released two years after you see substantial gameplay footage

Joni-Ice3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

I remember seeing the first trailer where they were cloaking and saying to myself,WTF? The gameplay looked awesome, but I just hope they stay realistic and we don't see zombies.

rabidpancakeburglar3026d ago

They will stay realistic no doubt, it's ghost recon remember but I just don't know why it's been delayed so much

Tony-Red-Grave3026d ago

well if you studied up on the game youd know right away the game is as realistic as can be

evrfighter3026d ago

sorry but consolization of tom clancy games leave them borderline arcade at best.

awi59513026d ago

Im an old ghost recon vet but i didnt like that cloaking crap i saw in the trailer. The old recon maps were massive and it was hard to find people sometimes. It truly was a recon game because all the area you had to cover. And you was scared about every bush and tree and building you came across because you never knew where the shots would come from. Man i miss old recon lol.

bumnut3026d ago

Me too, I loved playing co-op firefight on GR2

limewax3026d ago

Really wont be a Cod rival though, Its a very different style of game, requires a lot more strategy and will put off the fast pace only gamers

Boon Tarkas3026d ago

"the game won't come out until early 2012 in order to avoid the "crowded Christmas line-up."
-Ubisoft Spokesman

Dude, you suck at spin!

Convas3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

"The game won't come out until early 2012 in order to completely avoid Call of Duty." - Ubisoft Spokesman - FIXED.

Face it guys, this was the first casualty, followed by Mass Effect 3. Wonder who else'll bow out.

ATiElite3026d ago

"The game won't come out until early 2012 in order to completely avoid Battlefield 3." - Ubisoft Spokesman - FIXED.

death2smoochie3026d ago

Please for all that is holy...keep Ghost Recon REALISTIC TACTICAL SHOOTER and NOT like COD.

Tony-Red-Grave3026d ago

and for all this is right why dont you study up smh everyone should know that everything thats been included in the game goes very well with not only the military is actually studying but also with what the future soldier should be.

but of course no one wants to search anything up because ranting is so much easier and nobody botherd to read the text that pops up in the trailer.

suicidalblues3026d ago


I'm not sure where you get your info, but please post a link to the military cloaking devices. I'm super interested. /s

One for the battle robots would be cool too. :)

Tony-Red-Grave3026d ago

oh the irony of your /s i could look it up and infact prove you to be just ranting but youll still be ignorant because cloaking is so fake smh

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