Tiger Woods tried to take advantage of me

Sarcastic Gamer compares the DLC-dependency of the latest Tiger Woods golf to being date-raped.

From the post:

"I started fooling around with Tiger and everything was going smoothly until Tiger turned WAY too aggressive. He ruined the whole experience for me and now I’ll never experiment with Tiger ever again.

Hit the jump to see if I put a golf club through Tiger’s windshield."

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Lindsey3539d ago

My husband was so mad after he bought the game and found out you have to pay an extra $30 to play all the courses.

Duckman333539d ago

It says right on the box it has only 16 courses. All 16 of the courses are included for free. You pay for additional courses. So, why is he mad?

Gambero3539d ago

The box doesn't say that in order to finish the entire campaign of road to the masters (pay in all events and have a chance at the number one ranking) you have to but new courses.

And there's no gamebox from game fly :p

Lindsey3539d ago

The DLC courses are listed in the single player career mode, meaning that, if you don't buy the DLC courses you get a big old DNP (Did not play) for that tournament which can adversely affect your standing on the EA Sports Top 100 and FedEx Cup leaderboards. Both of which are crucial to success in the career mode.

Duckman333534d ago

Well that's just f##$ked up right there... I agree then I don't want to have to be forced to buy additional courses to complete the game. This will be the last TW game I buy I guess.

Godmars2903539d ago

Its not EA taking advantage of you...again?

Simco8763539d ago

First off, if you beat everyone by 10 strokes then the difficultly is set too low for you.

I have mine set on very low.. which means every round in a tourney you have to shoot -12 or you will be in the 25-50 range.

You can't just join the tour in real life and play in the masters after 4 tournaments.

Gambero3539d ago

Ummmm this isn't an article about game difficulty. It's about the fact he has to buy additional courses to play the full campaign to the masters. Oh, and date rape

BadKarmaSutra963538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

I stopped buying TW Golf series after they stopped selling me the whole game. When they put the whole game back in instead of half of it, and re-selling courses that should already be in the game then I will buy it.