The 5 best games to get you through the PSN outage

Lindsey Nagel Writes: Three weeks ago The PlayStation Network went down and since then has stayed down. During that time there have been countless articles suggesting some good single-player games on PS3, but I have refrained from doing so. Well, not anymore. Here are my top 5 single player PS3 games to get you through the PSN downtime.

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DistrictMime3020d ago

I would've gone with Uncharted: Among Thieves. That blows the first one out of the water and you don't really need to play the first one to know what's going on.

For those who like backstory, start with the first one.

Lindsey3020d ago

I felt that Uncharted:Drakes Fortune has been somewhat forgotten. Uncharted 2 is the better game by far, but I've had a very interesting experience going back and playing the first game again. It really made me appreciated Uncharted 2 that much more.

DistrictMime3020d ago

Totally. You got me thinking about replaying the first game again cause I just finished uncharted 2 last week.

rabidpancakeburglar3020d ago

I played all of these recently but that was while psn was up, well rdr might have been when it was down

trainsinrdr3020d ago

im going to buy ACB later on cus im tired of waiting for the psn to come back online

despair3020d ago

I would add New Vegas(or Fallout 3). I finally started it around the time of the outage and 60 hours later still going strong. Its pretty good, barring the really annoying glitches and bugs, plus it still updates.