inFamous 2 Comes In Two Different Bundles & Grants You Uncharted 3 Beta Access

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has today confirmed the release date for one of 2011’s most eagerly anticipated titles, inFamous 2 for PlayStation 3. Embark on a voyage of self discovery from [8/10] June as you Play the lead role in your very own superhero story. Battle through the morality-based gameplay inFamous is renowned for, taking in a feast of cinematic visuals and enjoying comic book style narrative along the way. Also revealed was the Uncharted 3 beta which will be included in every inFamous 2 copy.

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belal3025d ago

Great news!!! but we will get the beta key either way because of psn plus :D


if the psn is up by then ;D

belal3025d ago

99% sure that it's up by then :D

2v13025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

120% sure will b up b then

Zydake3024d ago

@ Elimin8

Your like the asshole contestants on the price is right u just went up .9% LOL

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Colmshan19903025d ago

Is it definitely confirmed for PS+?
If it is, great!

KonohagakureFC3025d ago

Really? I want that beta key I didnt know it would be available via ps plus

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cr33ping_death3025d ago

Sweetness, sweetness indeed. cant wait.

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Les-Grossman3025d ago

Sony should just let everyone into the Beta due to the down time. But like Microsoft I doubt Sony would do such a thing

Colmshan19903025d ago

The point of a beta escapes you, doesn't it?
They're supposed to be a limited test of multiplayer features, not a demo or standalone game.
Besides 2 PS3 games, as well as a free month of PS+ is surely more than enough.

despair3025d ago

1 month may not be enough, as a PS+ subscriber if the outage last more than a month then its not even a reimbursement but a robbery.

Colmshan19903025d ago

It's one free month on top of getting one day extra for every day the PSN was down.
So we're not losing anything, but gaining an extra month.

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The story is too old to be commented.