June: Judgment Month for the 3DS's Vlad Naoumoff writes:

"It is without doubt that the almost 7-week-old-system has yet to prove itself on the market. While the stereoscopic 3D does offer quite a bit of value, no game out there has truly stood out and convinced the masses that glasses free 3D is the future of games. So we ask, where is the content?"

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DA_SHREDDER3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

I've already made my judgment. Not only on the 3DS, but also on the crappy video game media that acts like it works. I have a 3-D tv, and compared to the 3DS, my TV makes the 3DS pretty much as relevant as the virtual boy. I cant believe the media have said that it does work ( but you just have to hold it at a certain angle). Im telling you right now guys, despite not having the content, I was willing to wait for it, the 3-D on the 3DS is garbage, especially compared to the 3-D that I get on my tv. I know its not meant to really go after that market, but still their boasting on how you "dont need glasses" its all a gimmick. Im just asking you to do all yourselves a favor, try out the 3DS before you buy it. Dont listen to anyone in the gaming media that say it works. Sure I mean it works, but its not very good. My kids turn off the 3-D, i even turn it on while they play 3-D games on it and they flip out and just put it back on 2-D. The media and nintendo should be ashamed of themselves and I cant believe this hasn't been as big of a deal as the psn being down. Save your money! If you dont, i promise you will regret spending so much money like i did. TRY BEFORE YOU BUY!