EA reloads, aims at Activision, goes for headshot (reghardware)

Publishing giant EA has continued its battle with Activision over who makes the best 'real world' first-person shooter game by releasing its next title at the same time as its arch nemesis' next offering is out.

They were already in the ring together, now the gloves are off.

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user83971443023d ago

EA should really shut up and work on their games instead of talking about craptivision.

PoulCast3023d ago

Go die in a fire. Not only will this hype BF3 more, it also has effect on Activision each time another developer talks badly about them.

slate913023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )


GrumpyVeteran3023d ago

I don't think BF3 will kill CoD because CoD is CoD just like WoW is WoW, the only thing that'll kill those games are the devs/publishers them selves.

EA should just focus on making a quality game and release it when it's ready.

D3vilzRightHand3023d ago

Cod will win in sales? Yes, why? Because every little cod kid out there that love (imoh) a shit game, and its alot of them will by cod?.


Well lets see it like this: the first game they probebly have seen from bf series is bfbc or maaaybe bf modern combat...

Give the same kids a comp and bf2 and rewind the time back to its glory days, then cod wouldent have a chanse.

Bf3 will be bought (imoh) by bf2 veterans like me and veterans even back to bf1942. There are also hundreds of players in projectreality servers just waiting 4 bf3.

Why? beacause bf3 is the TRUE follower to bf2. Bfbc NEVER and WILL NOT ever be. You ppl that liked bfbc2 for an ex, and have walked around thinkin that bf3 will be the same?

Then you shuld go to a bf2 forum, talk with the ppl in there and learn :), couse you will need it :).

BF3 is NOTHING like bfbc or bcbc2 or even bfmc

Tho in the end, cod will win in sales, beacause the cod game will always be under the christmas tree for the kids next to there 360 or ps3.

Tho bf3 will win in the long, beacause the fans (me and many others) already know what potentiall it have later down the road.

sry bad eng

hiredhelp3023d ago

@red redeyes
Let them play the real call of duty b4 hit the console and had perks. Cos thats the thing take away the perks cod be your average shooter ppl wont be soo cod frenzy.

For me bf2 bad company 1-2 upcomming bf3. Is miles better for thoes who like to play for real knuckly down play as a team not always camp but only were needed dont worry about perks but more about flanking around breaking threw. Perhaps your mates be riding the helicopter above you given you covering fire this is why i choose battlefield. Well one of many reasons.

DrFUD3023d ago

I appreciate the fact that none of the COD games have screen tearing.
I hate screen tearing!