The Darkness 2 to star Nolan North?

CVG - During a hands-on preview with Digital Extreme's The Darkness 2 at the developer's studio in Canada earlier this week, our hearts jumped slightly when we heard a very familiar voice.

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-Mezzo-3022d ago

He's everywhere, Good for Him. =]


not really bovad just want a GOOD darkness game

Kingdom Come3022d ago

Then play the original Darkness...

dalibor3022d ago

The original Darkness game was pretty good. Pretty sure it came out sometime in 07. Will keep an eye out for Darkness 2. The darkness consumes you...

Cheeseknight283022d ago

I've been watching my brother play Resonance of Fate, always funny to hear Nolan North's voice pop up with the main character.

Fun fact: He's the defective turrets and the 3 cores in Portal 2.

CernaML3022d ago

No freaggin' way... I swear I can never recognize his voice in the games I play. I never realized that he was Sigmund in R&C. I never noticed that he was Deadpool in MvC3. And now you're telling me that he was the defective turrets in Portal 2?

This guy has some amazing talent.

MidnytRain3022d ago

How could you not tell it was he who played Deadpool? It sounded alot like Drake, just over-the-top and zanier.

CernaML3022d ago

The over the topness threw me completely off. :P

3022d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.