Next PS Blog Update To Announced The Return Of PSN?

GameThirst: It’s been three weeks since the PlayStation Network was breached, and thus far, Sony’s delivered 16 updates to relay information concerning the situation, but none has brought fourth the news gamers the world over are anticipating: PSN’s return.

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M-Easy3019d ago

Yep, all I can think too.

Christopher3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Sony managers have been sacrificing kittens to speed up the recovery process?

Microsoft secretly also gave Skype the last Unicorn in existence in addition to $8.5b in their agreement?

You can pretty much say and speculate on anything you want in an article as long as you phrase it as a question?

Emilio_Estevez3019d ago

LOL, I think I heard about the kittens, but the last unicorn! That's too far!

ThePsychoGamer3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

did Microst give this statement when they gave skype the unicorn?

"Always we wanto be be with you
and make believe with you
and live in harmony harmony oh yea".

pody3019d ago

Holy f, that is a lot of bubbles!

Nineball21123019d ago

Yeah it is... I wonder how he got them?

OT: I guess these speculative articles heat up so much because no one knows much of anything and people will gobble up any shred of news (real or imagined) they can find.

Christopher3019d ago

High-larious there, Nineball :D

2fk3019d ago

we can only hope...cant wait though!!!

Tired3019d ago

Well there have been reports of testing activity on numerous games...

Can't be far off now.

despair3019d ago

they said they were testing more than a week ago as well, so don't hold your breath.

Dee_913019d ago

they wasnt testing games

despair3019d ago

its just going to be like before, 1 of 2 things; either more delays with a weak excuse or a narrowing down on the return date more than "by may 31st".

alexgamer13019d ago

Let's just hope it's not like that this time. Though, it definitely wouldn't surprise me! Come on Sony, this is your time.

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The story is too old to be commented.