Chrono Trigger teleports onto Nintendo’s Virtual Console

Square Enix, Inc. the publisher of SQUARE ENIX interactive entertainment products in the Americas, announced today that CHRONO TRIGGER is headed to Nintendo’s Virtual Console service for the Wii console on May 16, 2011.

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SuperStrokey11233021d ago

One of the greatest games ever made. Wish they would do a remake or have allowed the fan made 3d remake to come out. I wonder if we will ever see a true sequel?

Zashule3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

"Wish they would do a remake"
More along the lines of a port, but Chrono Trigger DS says hello.
Edit: That was @SuperStrokey1123, guess I missed the reply button.

SuperStrokey11233021d ago

No i have that too, its definately a port but its pretty awesome. Love that game...

KiWi17113021d ago

Square Enix needs to stop tossing out ports, and develop a new entry. Surely if the demand is strong enough for several ports, a new title would be quite reasonable.

But then again.. with my disappointment in many of their recent titles. Would I -really- want them to make a new one?

What a dilemma.

oricon3021d ago

These games on the VC have really no development time so it doesn't affect squares development side of things when releasing games on VC.

ReservoirDog3163021d ago

Actually I read that sometimes remaking them for the VC takes some development time. But yeah, I can't see it being too hard.

And now I can finally play this.

ps3rulz3021d ago

I own an orignal ntsc copy of chrono trigger for the snes, and having completed it just recently its one of if not THE best game i have ever played. Love to see a remake but i don't think its going to happen since square suks donkey ballz. Chrono resurrection looked fu**ing awesome until square stepped in.

tweet753021d ago

i hope this starts a trend of releasing more gems for virtual console than nintendo will get my money again.

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