Naruto: Rise of a Ninja videos

Gamersyde just received an early version of Naruto: Rise of a Ninja and they made three videos from it. The first video shows the beginning of Ubisoft's new game where Naruto achieves his first mission and his first fight. The second video shows a bunch of other missions (like an express ramen delivery) while the last video shows the rooftops of the city for some platforming.

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TheXgamerLive4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

This game will sell like crazy, even in Japan on the Xbox 360. I think in Japan this will move more consoles that any game previously sold, maybe even combined.

I love the huge free roaming environment.

They've obviously taken this game to a new level as compared to past Naruto games, so if anyone was a fan of the series but not the games, well I feel this one will change your mind.

Ogrekiller4018d ago

Sorry to burst your bubble

Daytona4018d ago

Sorry to burst your bubble.

Ogrekiller4018d ago

No release date- no plans at all
It's not going to be released there.

TheXgamerLive4017d ago

I'm going to search for it and see. I'm positive it wll come to japan though, I mean you can play it in Japanese/English so it kind of only makes since right? Also, Japan is Number 1 for Naruto so that's another given as MS wants to make ground so "yes" it's common sence it will see Japan. But, I'll still look for the other press release where I read japan 2008.

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Ahhhh4018d ago

What is the point of this game? Like what is the story.. what you supposed to do??

wageslave4018d ago

Another Day #1 purchase. Looks terrific.

ExLivingGhost4018d ago

i liked the graphics but the gameplay looks like every other naruto fighting game except for the freeroaming

Bladestar4018d ago

wow.. I like... how much I wish street fighter games would be like this. (At least story mode)... where one can just play the game like an aventure game... with missions... and then fight 2 rounds with the main enemies/characters... I think this game got it right... I'm not sure why this game is not being released in Japan on day one... this seem to be the kind of game that the xbox 360 needs over there.

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