'Too Human' not quite human

Edmonton Sun/Canoe previews Too Human and reports the "demo demonstrates that new game needs a little more work."

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FordGTGuy4019d ago (Edited 4019d ago )

"not quite human" Would actually be a complement seeing as the point of the game is that you are 'Too Human' and must become less human to beat your enemies.

Lol who in the hell disagreed with me?

TheXgamerLive4019d ago

As said I'm sure with it's vastness it may be not as polished as it will be in the near future for next years release but I have a great feeling this game will kick major ass.

eagle214019d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

Those magic 10's are on the way to clean this all up! edit: I read the article and the funny thing is I wasn't being sarcastic wake up N4G, and metacritic is a joke jcgamer, all those scores from 90's down to 40's.. wake up if u think viva is any better than HS. GOW and GeOW have 100's to 50's? a joke right?

beans4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

Instead of worrying about 360 reviews why don't you take it up with Sony and demand a good game for once! Sony hasn't delivered on anything so quit hating and wish you had it this good sucker! Too human is shaping up good and will be a day 1 purchase for me! I bet it will hit a million and even sells more than just about any PS3 game in 2008!

Hatchetforce4018d ago

Just what would you know about the PS3 or the 360? No Gamertag = some zombie that loves to repeat what they have read some place. Seriously what did this article even have to do with the PS3 that suddenly you have turn that route? You sound like a politician and a poor one at that.

I think Too Human will turn out to be a great game and a must buy but your tact of going OT to avert disaster is just idiocy personified.

jackdoe4018d ago

Beans, you just pulled that out of your ass you fanboy. Saying that MGS4, one of the most anticipated games next year, will sell less than Too Human, a game hounded by bad press, poor showings, and an imminent lawsuit with Epic, is one of the biggest fanboy statements that I have ever heard. I'm not saying that the game won't be good in the end. I'm just saying that you are representative of what the problem is here at N4g. You and Eagle 21.

Hatchetforce4018d ago

jackdoe, he is also ignoring the fact that of the 3 games most talked about at E3, 2 were PS3 exclusives and 1 was multiplatform. CoD4 may be highly anticipated, but Killzone2 was the talk of the town at E3 and this was just 2 months before the rrelease of HALO 3.

jcgamer4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

I hate to say it, but you obviously didn't read the article...they think it shows promise...and they said to judge the game this early would be a probably have never even played a 360 game in your life...why do you care? And that 'magic tens' statement...Viva Pinata is rated a 84 on metacritic...Heavenly Sword a 79...Blue Dragon is rated a 78...Folklore, a 75...and Shadowrun is rated a 66...Lair, a 54...Microsoft doesn't automatically get high scores, don't sound so naive...they EARNED their 10's...and Sony will have to as well...

Seraphim4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

@ Hatchetforce and jcgamer:

hatchetforce: Ever think that maybe he just doesn't want to list his gamertags? I don't have mine listed. Doesn't mean I don't own a PS3 and 360... Point is some of us, for whatever reason, might not want to list them on this site, any other site, or put them out there in public.

jcgamer: And each one of those games, other than Viva, are actually better than their MetaCritic Score shows. Blue Dragon is easily better than a 78. Heavenly Sword, better than a 79. Lair, despite some bad controls @ times, much better than a 54. Folklore is also better than it's score, and I can't comment on Shadowrun cause I haven't and probably never will play it...

anyway just a point I want to make. Scores are trivial. Very seldomly does a game actually get the review and scores it deserves, and on occasion games get more credit and a higher score than they deserve.

As for Too Human. I'm sure it will credit. But personally I care very little about it. Never been interesting, and I've never been big on KoTOR. While a good game it's just not a game I enjoyed and Too Human will probably be the same way. Might be a game I check out [time permitting] but I think at the end of the day, even if it gets high scores, Too Human is going to be nothing more than a "Good" game...

Hatchetforce4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

Seraphim, I understand what you are saying but Gamertags are a way to prevent the general jerks that love to make claims the way they do over at Gamerankings. People at that site need only register in order to damn a game. It has ruined what began as a great idea and invalidated the entire rating system except the section that utilizes reviews from print and web based publications. Besides Game Informer those are generally worthless.

People want to run their mouth, they are welcome to it but it will have all the weight of a mouthful of cotton candy unless they can back up their claim. Too many people want to say I played this or I own that and have no ability to back it up. Or else I own this system and it just died on me out of the box. Any claim in the world is possible and they can damage a reputation when they don't own the system. If people have the item and game it then they have nothing about which to worry.

Maybe you haven't heard, the internet is known to be full of liars and I personally like a method (Tag listing) that can in some small way mitigate the BS people love to spew. Nobody, I mean nobody rides for free.

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TeaDouble_E4019d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

Isn't that the point of the game is trying not be Too Human ! Not only that on 1up yours Shane Bentonhousin asked the team if they settled the dispute with Epic and they replyed we are not going into full detail of the situation. He also asked if there using the Unreal engine and they said we went back to ground zero and made a new engine for the game. Its all in the latest 1up yours, go ahead and check it out.


Edit: If I wrote something thats not correct then someone reply if I was miss informed.

felidae4018d ago

this game looks a little .. last-gen!

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