After the recent PSN hacking attack, Should Sony Adopt its Own Currency?

For those who aren’t familiar with Microsoft gaming systems, Microsoft Points are the currency for Zune, Windows Live Gallery, Xbox Live Marketplace, and Windows Games Live Marketplace. These points allow users to purchase items without using a credit card, reducing the amount of credit transactions that Microsoft would otherwise have to make.

In light of the recent PSN hacking attack, many people are suggesting that Sony should adopt a similar currency. At the moment, gamers need to rely solely on their credit cards to make purchases. This is one of the reasons why the attack could have resulted in financial fraud for many users, which may have been avoided if Sony had its own currency.

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guitarded773024d ago

NO! I'm an adult, I can pay with real money.

Nitrowolf23024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

why does this article ignore the fact that there are PSN cards?

It's pretty much the exact same thing except you know exactly what the numbers mean.
MS Points Cards are the same as PSN Cards. I don't understand what this author is ranting about. There is no need for confusion of how much your getting for.
"At the moment, gamers need to rely solely on their credit cards to make purchases."

clearly this guy has absolutely no idea what he is talking about.

"These points allow users to purchase items without using a credit card, reducing the amount of credit transactions that Microsoft would otherwise have to make. "
once again PSN cards dur

i am sorry but i think the author is a complete moron for not doing their research better. Both services allow us to use credit cards and both services have the option of accepting their own type of exclusive cards.
Sony has it's own currency it's called standard money through PSN cards.

InFAMOUS13024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Thank you Nitro!!!!!

This has been what gaming websites have been putting out since Apr 20, 2011.

M$ points CAN be purchased with a credit card... JUST like PSN cards..

This author has made me win the "Im Done With the Internetz Today" award. THANK YOU.

EDIT: The guy's opening paragraph is ridiculous!!!

Scyrus3024d ago

it's called flamebait lol

soren3024d ago


Nitrowolf23024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )


i mention them down below.

pretty much both Nintendo and Sony use real money. 2000 Wii Points=$20

MS: 800=$10

doesn't that just make it look like your loosing money or getting less then what you paid for?

just let this article die out

SaxScrotumz3024d ago

My thoughts exactly, Nitro.

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lil Titan3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Microsoft points reminds me of the currency Monopoly, has no value in REAL LIFE

Max_Dissatisfaction3024d ago

Tell that to the Limbo game I just purchased seems pretty real to me. Wish monopoly money bought me games online

Nitrowolf23024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

nvm wrong post

guitarded773024d ago

I'd like to speak with your Limbo game to verify your story.

xAlmostPro3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

I'll still be using my card :)

Because i didn't fall for false information and i also have a little super power called common sense.

Sony encrypt the data, they don't store the CVC. Even if a hacker broke the encryption there's a 99% chance he can't use the details, all online transactions require the CVC for a start.

Not only this, but they're offering the free fraud thing.

On top of this if somehow that 1% was overcome and they got access i check my account daily anyway and i'd spot something odd.

Further on top of that if my card details were somehow used and my account was emptied then i'd get refunded if it was fraud anyway.

metsgaming3024d ago

honestly this is one of the dumbest ideas i have ever heard someone suggest.

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M-Easy3024d ago

This makes no sense at all, you still have to PAY for M$ points, it doesn't reduce anything. Sony has PSN cards that redeem in dollars not points if don't want to use your CC.

And I haven't heard one person say they want Sony points so IDK where that's coming from.

ShadowKingx3024d ago

i think for a short time they should only take the psn cards as form of payment and let sony reps take debit card info (only done by calling sony and verificaton of some kind) and send them an email with the code/pin for redeemption.

i think while really no credit card fruad has really been reported. i think sony should use this idea for a short while.

yes im adult as well but this will prevent some credit card theft.

ShadowKingx3024d ago

adopting there own currency wont really help the cause you still have to purchase ms point the same way with debit/credit card or ms point cards.

B1663r3024d ago

Sure they have ripped off every other idea from xbl, so why not this one as well?

ShadowKingx3024d ago

if this (but in wont) would help the credit card theft then i could care less if they ripped off ms.

Nitrowolf23024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

um no. Both Sony and Even Nintendo got it right. At least for both you know exactly what your getting for each dollar you spend. 2000= $20 for Nintendo
1600= $20

MS is literally the only service i know that uses such thing.

fghsjdfghjdfhgkjdf3024d ago

You're totally correct. Sony are absolutely inferior to Microsoft in every way. I'm going to trade my PS3 in right away in exchange for a host of Microsoft products and services. Thank you so much for posting such clear minded and unbiased opinions on this website all the time.

I'm absolutely sure that you have already swayed the minds of so many Sony customers who clearly unwittingly purchased consoles and games that they actually didn't enjoy! Please keep spending all your time doing this because it is a valid use of your life. Microsoft would be proud of you.

Simco8763024d ago

Live in the console war loser.

xAlmostPro3024d ago

every other idea such as?..

Plus if you're going to get all fanboy, i think you'll find xbl is mostly made up of things found in pc gaming online from services(free services) such as xfire, steam etc

LordMaim3024d ago

Like the XMB layout. Sony totally ripped that off of Microsoft's updated interface.

Oh wait...

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tigertron3024d ago

No, real money is fine by me.

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