Teabot Hands-on: Duke Nukem Forever

Never one to shy away from an opportunity to blow the living daylights out of a sizeable monster on an American football field, last night I slipped through the crowds in BAFTA HQ to earn myself some quality hands-on time with the ever-so-slightly delayed Duke Nukem Forever. Leaving behind the kind of expectations one would have from your usual modern day FPS adventure such as Killzone 3 or Crysis 2, I decided to take my mind, body and spirit back to 1997 – a time before the word “sexism” poisoned the industry and certainly a time before anyone really gave a damn about narrative and so-called “believability”.

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Clance3026d ago

Loving it!! Had enough of relfex-heavy FPS games for a bit... trying to be gritty and "real" but just as ridiculous as Duke. Looking at you, COD...

Hitman07693026d ago

I am definitely dying to relive my Duke days in this title.

featherbottom3026d ago

Why does that picture make me immediately think of some sort of lovechild between Max Headroom and John McClane?

Clance3026d ago

Haha! I can totally see that!!!

TheMutator3026d ago

looks like billy idol on steroids