Britxbox: Mortal Kombat Review

Leigh Sherval writes: "After the closure of Midway and the lukewarm response to Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, there was some uncertainty as to whether the Mortal Kombat series would continue. For months, series creator Ed Boon hinted at new sequel being in development. The game was finally announced ahead of E3 last year. It promised a return to the brutal, bloody roots from which the series made its name and the results exceed expectations.

With this latest effort, Ed Boon, and the developers at the newly formed Netherealm Studio, has managed to really nail it. Everything here comes together in such a way that you feel the confidence and dedication to that original vision. The online performance needs some attention right now, and the difficulty pikes and cheap bosses are gnawing, but the content here is varied and fitting. It’s a great game that puts Mortal Kombat back on the map. In many ways, it’s so tight that you wonder where this series could possibly go next."

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