Eurogamer - Ridge Racer: Unbounded - Preview

Eurogamer - Five seconds can be a long time in a racing game, but there can't be many titles out there that cram more into that space than Ridge Racer: Unbounded does.

First you think, "Wait, this doesn't feel like Ridge Racer." Then you wonder, "What? It's a sequel to Split/Second?" Finally, you realise that it's neither.

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ps3rulz3020d ago

NAMCO WTF have u done to ridge racer, this looks shite.

dirthurts3020d ago

Yeah this is not what I was hoping for...

pain777pas3020d ago

Lets hope that RR NGP is not unbounded. I hope they make a last great traditional game with an all Sano soundtrack for the send off. I hope that there is an announcement at E3.

ps3rulz3020d ago

There's always been a traditional rr on every sony console launch, so here's hoping.

STONEY43020d ago

Where's the space ship speeds and handling, and exaggerated drifting? And the disco/DnB music? This is not Ridge Racer!!! What is this!?

OwNizzleD3020d ago

You got Burnout in my Ridge Racer!!! :(