Crazy Like a Fox Hound: Kojima Productions' Ryan Payton

Kojima Productions' Ryan Payton is something of a jack of all trades. As Assistant Producer on Metal Gear Solid 4, Payton is a Western liason for Kojima's Tokyo-based production team. When GameSpy asked him what his involvement in Guns of the Patriots is beyond English localization, they got a laundry list of tasks, including some extensive work on the trailer. His trip to Los Angeles for E for All could be interpreted as a temporary breather, but GameSpy won't count on it, even if he's said that he wants to play some Team Fortress 2 for a few days before returning to Japan. GameSpy put Payton in the hot seat and rattled off some questions regarding the upcoming Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops + for PSP, Metal Gear Online, and of course, the highly anticipated Metal Gear Solid 4.

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lynx1halo4018d ago

can no one else realize the painstaking detail and work put into all PS3 game exclusives? The time is now to realize the true power of the cell
PS3 innovator ....Xbroke360 imitator

Tryst4018d ago

There is no question that games that are exclusive to PS3 are whats going to show the true potential of the machine. I think then devs such as UbiSoft and EA will be red faced at what they have been outputting.