4 New Bleach: Soul Ignition Character Arts

The character arts feature Ichigo, Shunsui, Starrk, and Komamura.

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tayz3021d ago

no matter how many times I see final bankai ichigo, its always freakin awesome!

Raf1k13021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Is that what it's called in the english dub? Though I didn't it'd be dubbed yet.

tayz3021d ago

i dont think there is an english dub of that episode yet

SmashBrawler1013020d ago

Yep, unfortunately, we're only on ep. 204 here in America. I wish [adult swim] still ran two new episodes a week. A HUGE series like Bleach, and it's taking for-freaking ever with only one a week.

Raf1k13020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

I prefer not watching the english dubs. The voice acting tends to be aweful.

SmashBrawler1013020d ago

While I agree most dubs are usually crap, Bleach is actually pretty good for the most part (IMO). Nnoitra's English voice was cringe-inducing during his battle with Kenpachi though. I prefer his Japanese VA, as well as Barragan's.

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Tony-Red-Grave3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

pfft thats nothing compared to getsuga ichgo.

which is ichigos real final form with the black hair

@ below

hes way OP and i think his final move is mugetsu

tayz3021d ago

i dunno why they didnt include him in the game. that would have been the best of the best

DistrictMime3021d ago

Oh Man.....This is pretty awesomes.


awesome i love the bleach series! and im sure the games going to be good aswell :)!