Analyzing the Sony Team ICO PS3 Advert - By Bruno de Fuigeiredo

Bruno de Figueiredo (writer of Antagonism and Continuity) writes an in-depth analysis of what we can see in the Team ICO advert released last February. A must read for every ICO and Shadow of the Colossus fan.


Just to let everyone know that there is a mistake in the author's name. It's Bruno de Figueiredo.


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lynx1halo4110d ago

One of the best all around game experiences in Shadow of the Colossus...True Geniuses at Work

AdolfBinBush4110d ago

Shadow of the Colossus is a game a gamer shouldn't miss.. proud to have played it.

Armyless4110d ago (Edited 4110d ago )

True, sh!t doesn't explode when you shoot it, mobs don't track you down a linear AI path to kill you. "Levels" don't force you through a gauntlet of jumps, power-ups, and stat-assignments.

You get wisps of the journey you're embarking on from the opening credits. Don't push past them, just watch.

Why is she dead? Wrapped all in white cloth? Who is this man with her draped across his horse? Why won't the elders go any further? Why has he forsaken them by charging headstrong into this mystical land before them?

He lays the lifeless beauty to rest on a mantle far inside. Now what?

Massive statues surround, each with it's own particular character and menacing artform.

The sword glows and points where you should go! Hold it high in the sunlight and follow the gleam it gives you. What do you do when you get there? You won't know until you've seen it.

Tracking across the countryside, winding through forgotten meadows, small forests, hills and cave, the light keeps you pointed, it begs for your attention.

The earth shakes. And shakes again. Dust flies with sandy glitter at each bwoomm. A shadow looms and draws your eye up to the most massive giant creature you've ever seen.

Check the sword now. Where is the glow pointing?

My God, it's pointing AT that COLOSSUS.

You might remember what it was you were asked to do, but the hard part is remembering why you came to these forsaken lands in the first place.

Every minute of that game grabs hold of you and sinks you into it's dark sacrifice, that YOU wield.

It should not be ignored. If you have to borrow your neighbor's PS2, play this game.

Bonsai12144110d ago

make me want the game more. :-( too bad its probably a long way off.

its pretty interesting how he can infer so much out of something so obscure..

lynx1halo4110d ago

seriously though its like the simplest concepts done in the right way with an artistic twist can be the most enjoyable...

Jinxstar4110d ago


Weren't you just knocking the "Simplest concepts" in an article like 3 minutes ago about the Wii Zapper....

Lanontscuz4110d ago

my head started to spin after the 3rd part of his analysis lol.. anyways its really interesting how they put this out.. hope we here more soon

propheta4110d ago

They misspelled my name in the article... what a shame!

Gorgon4110d ago

Portuguese names are like that... ;p

alexrowetos4110d ago

Yes, as I told you in the e-mail I'm very sorry.

nurayi4110d ago

hey dieubussy excellent essay, and I left you a present down there on comment 6.

propheta4110d ago

Hey guys, let's report this to N4G. I've reported an hour ago. Just click the red icon on the top and select bad spelling. Who knows? Maybe they'll change it. Alex, you needn't be sorry. I owe you.

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The story is too old to be commented.