Battlefield 3 Release Date Rumor

Not Yet Confirmed Release Date and Back to Karkand Info

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2fk3019d ago

BF3 beta suppose to be in October, isn't it?

HK63019d ago

Sometime between MoH release and 1 year after that. They have yet to say when.

Wenis3019d ago

What HK6 said, its not necessarily supposed to be out IN October, but BY October. Seeing how the game is coming out in Nov, and DICE had the beta for the BC games 3 months before the release, I think the beta will probably be out in August.

evilsooty3018d ago

The author obviously hasn't heard of placeholders.

callmedom943018d ago

Thank you. If this was the case. The release date could be anywhere in the year. It hasn't been leaked. They are place holders.