Awesomely Skilled Portal 2 Tricks [Part 2]

Undoubtedly one of the best Portal 2 Cube Tricks :/

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2fk3027d ago

how the hell???

this is why i love this game so much

mugoldeneagle033027d ago

I need PSN back up asap to get my account set up. Mods kept UT3 in my system for a long time and I thought that was just an ok shooter.

Can't wait to see what happens with a great game like Portal 2!~

koh3027d ago

There seems to be someone just going through disagreeing with everyone for no reason. the most innocuous of comments gets one or two. Cool life.

2fk3026d ago

yea they be trollin, they hatin....this absolutely the best games i played this year so far =)

Fallouts3027d ago

i dont have the game yet. but am i missing something? seems like stuff you have to do to advance in the game no? i didnt see any "omg look at that trick" moments.

Jack-Pyro3027d ago

You'' dding right?

Fallouts3027d ago

dag 3 disagrees? for what? what was the omg trick? him throwing the cube at the turrets? i did that in the first one..

sheesh sorry if i offended you ppl, leave my 2 bubbles alone. i just didnt see the magic, my goodness!

digitalivan3026d ago

Disagree = not agreeing with you.
Simple as that.

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