Uncharted 3: Multiplayer, Physics & More Info

Read some interesting tid bits about Uncharted 3.

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Big-Boss3024d ago

Oh yeah all we need now is psn comming back with some good features (or nothing)

GREYFOXXXXXX3024d ago ShowReplies(3)
sack_boi3024d ago

Game Of The Generation.

GREYFOXXXXXX3024d ago ShowReplies(5)
PS360PCROCKS3024d ago

Um ok^^ well on topic of the actual story. Sounds awesome with the physics, will be neat to see what they've done with that. I like ND they dream big, like hollywood action big and deliver every time. They have a great imagination for cool set pieces, I love watching them unfold on screen. The Uncharted 2 building collapse was so epic in every single way.

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