Cammy Teased in New Street Fighter X Tekken Trailer

Capcom have released a short teaser trailer which basically confirms Street Fighter’s Cammy’s presence in the upcoming crossover fighter Street Fighter X Tekken.

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Thrungus3025d ago

I prefer Tekken, so I know who i'll be backing!

Rynx3025d ago

Yeah I'm burnt out from Capcom until maybe SFV there's nothing Capcom can do to make me want this game. I'll be waiting patiently for Namco's version.

Big-Boss3025d ago

tranny should have stayed who the fck wants her/him

Kee3025d ago

Man, some trailer... /s

Headquarters113025d ago

Who gives a fuck about cammy? Would much rather have Bison

sack_boi3025d ago

Law/Fei Long better be in this game, or i'll kick a chicken.

Quagmire3024d ago

Definitely, that would be an awesome match up

Anjother thing, which Capcom employee thought Kazuya and Nina was a good Duo against the Ryu and Ken duo?

Kazuya and Nina have almost little to no interaction or association together. I wouldve though Hwaorang and Jin wouldve made a better duo against Ken and Ryu

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