GT5 Prologue Demo: Multivew with G25

check out the Multivew with G25:

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masterg4019d ago

Damn that was a nice vid.
Have been playing it myself the last couple of days.
I have to admit it. This guy is a way better driver than me.
It's hard to go from arcade racing style to simulation.

Maybe I should get a steering wheel. Looks awesome.

AnalFace4019d ago

More proof that its more of a sim than R factor and GTR!!! and flopsa is a joke ahahaha!!! just look at how real the car moved from side to side!!! its insane.

tfur4019d ago

I need that rig... Sweet...

BlackCountryBob4019d ago

That guy is bloody impressive with that wheel, awesome skills (and a nice game too).

rushbd4019d ago

I must get myself a G25!!! whats the price . does anyone know ?

Gamespot-equals-EGM4018d ago

amazon has it for $250. one of the reviewers on amazon has it for his ps3. he wrote a very informative review on it.

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The story is too old to be commented.