Shenmue 3 Leads the E3 Announcements Gamers Can't Wait For

Gameplay Today lists the games and announcements that gamers can't wait for from the upcoming Electronics and Entertainment Expo held in LA each year.

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BattersUp3019d ago

I could give 2 s**** about Perfect Dark or Killer Instinct. Now a new Sly Cooper and Shenmue 3 REALLY peak my interests.

BeaRye3019d ago

Valkyrie Profile is all I care about. I'd buy a new system for it, but hope it'd be on PS3 to save me cash.

Istanbull3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Shenmue 3? Hopefully on a new Sega console, Dreamcast 2!

@jamstorr86: No more Heroes the new Shenmue? LOL kid go play both games, Yakuza is the new Shenmue!

Gen0ne3019d ago

Really, you gonna hate on KI? Perfect Dark I understand, but KI? Oh well, people like what they like. Not gonna disagree, but I want some KI... badly.

LOGICWINS3019d ago

EVERY year theres some article about Shenmue 3 and E3..and in the end, there is only dissapointment.

guitarded773019d ago

Just like Star Wars Battlefront 3 :(

Wizziokid3019d ago

it wont happen but god i wish it would, even a shenmue 1,2 port or HD remake would do for now... please!

Raichu503019d ago

Meh Shenmue was dull, No More Heroes is the new Shenmue

jamstorr863019d ago

How the hell is no more heroes the new shenmue? have you even played shenmue?

christheredhead3019d ago

have you even played no more heroes?

NYC_Gamer3019d ago

i'm sorry but i have to disagree you cant even compare the two

Tainted Gene3019d ago

wow, just wow.


Thoreau3019d ago

no more heroes is not the new shenmue, but shenmue was boring to me.

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GREYFOXXXXXX3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Hell yeahh! is this true ? could it be? i will go over the roof if Shenmue 3 gets announced at E3 hell yeah!!!

StanRaimondi3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Dude i couldn't agree more i hope its multi platform that way everyone can enjoy it. But if they make it exclusive and its not ps3 ill definitely be buying another system just for shenmue

im in the same boat. I played the second one and loved it so if it gets announced and its exclusive to the 360 then microsoft will have my money.


ino i have got a PS3 only but i am in same situation if it does get released it could be on XBOX 360 only because the 2nd one just came out on XBOX but theres still a possibility though! but im getting a new console either way i love the series!

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The story is too old to be commented.